Take this quiz (brought to you by Unsyncable) to find out which *NSYNC hairstyle best describes your personality.
1. Tuesday night is the weekly (boring) family dinner at Great Aunt Edna's. Tuesday afternoon your friend calls you up saying they have 2 backstage passes for your favorite band's concert that night. What do you do?

Go to dinner. You're bummed but you don't want to cause any trouble with your parents.
Say you'll go to dinner, fake sickness an hour before you're supposed to leave and sneak out to the concert while your parents are gone. They'll never know.
Butter up your parents and talk them into letting you go to the concert.
Go to dinner, of course. You always go to Great Aunt Edna's on Tuesday night.
Tell your parents you ARE going to the concert, no matter what they say.
Go to Great Aunt Edna's for dinner. When you get there tell everyone you're going for a walk and don't come back.
Cause a big fight and storm out when they refuse to let you go.

2. If you were a pizza, what toppings would you have?

Pineapple. It's a little quirky, but it's not that unusual.
None, just plain cheese.
The works! Anything and everything than should go on a pizza. And somethings that shouldn't.
Who wants to be pizza like everyone else? I'm cheesy breadsticks. Oh, and those yummy Cina-Stix things that Dominoes has now, too. Yeah.
Whatever everyone else wants to order.
Perfectly positioned pepperoni.
Peppers & jalepenos. Very strong and right in your face.

3. How would you respond to a telemarketer??

Tell them you don't want any and demand they stop calling here.
Slam the phone down as soon as you hear "congratulations! You've been selected for our very special..."
Listen to their speech, answer all their questions and then politely decline if you aren't interested.
Tell a little white lie that you know will "disqualify" you from their offer.
When they ask for your address, ask them for theirs. I mean, its only fair, right?
Sign up for whatever service they are selling anyways. You don't like saying no to people.
Say "I would love to take advantage of this wonderful offer, but unfortunately I cannot at this time. Thank you. You have a fantasic day!"

4. Which Saved By The Bell character can you relate to most?

Samuel "Screech" Power
Kelly Kapowskhi
Jessie Spano
A.C. Slater
Zack Morris
Lisa Turtle
A random kid in the background of every episode going along with each wacky scheme.

5. What types of movies do you usually like?

Movies with a strong main character fighting for what they believe in.
Movies with Action! Adventure! Intrigue! Scandal!
You'll watch most any kind of movie, you aren't very particular.
Movies with a little mystery to them.
Romantic comedies.
Independant films of any kind.
Action movies with a little romance too.

6. If you were an animal what would you be?

A peacock.
A puppy.
A lion.
A groomed show dog.
A lemming.
A bunny.
A platypus.

7. You're driving along and suddenly there are flashing lights behind you. The officer says you were speeding. What do you do?

Cry and yell. Maybe the officer will let you off if you make a scene.
Not applicable. That would never happen, because you wouldn't dream of driving above the speed limit.
Shrug when the officer asks if you know how fast you were going. Your orange '73 beetle's speedometer stoped working a long time ago.
Sweet talk the officer and get off with a warning.
Sigh, and accept your ticket.
Insist there is no POSSIBLE way you could have been speeding and you don't CARE what his/her radar gun says!
Appologize to to officer because you know you were speeding and hope politeness will get you off light.

Quiz created by Debbie
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